DissuasionEngine is a UI/UX solution to disrupt the negative effects of recommendation engines in online shopping platform, with designs by M-A-D/madxs

Dissuasion Engine

by Erik Adigard

Disrupting AI-based influencers in shopping platforms Dissuasion Engine, made public on October 15 …

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Sensory Orders

by Erik Adigard

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts, Poland • 6Nov2020 – 14Feb2021 Organized and curated …

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designed for Urban Confluence Silicon Valley by M-A-D

Urban Confluence Silicon Valley

by Erik Adigard

Molinos is a 150’ double windmill. The tripod-mounted blades are reminiscent of windpumps …

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by Erik Adigard

SEP 2019 / Muffatwerk, Munich NOV 2019 / Dive Festival, Schauspielhaus, Bochum, DE …

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Simage installations / Petaluma Arts Center

by Erik Adigard

Simage Ladder [the rise of crowd imaging] (part of SIMAGE project) is one of …

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by plynn

PETALUMAGIC: What makes the magic? Cities are made of physical and social constructs. …

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22 STEPS mural

by plynn

22 Steps mural was commissioned for the central staircase of Simons Institute for the …

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StreeTALK: what is your dream city?

by Erik Adigard

StreeTALK: What is your dream city? is a community co-creation, a participatory installation of …

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Manetti Shrem Museum

by Erik Adigard

Environmental and Communication graphics: donor wall, exhibition pegwall, tagline logotype, posters, brochures, gift …

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Counterpolis, in ISEA16

by Erik Adigard

Animation for the ICC tower (108 floors) in Hong Kong, Honorable Mention in …

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by Erik Adigard

Nuova Consonanza, Rome, IT  installation: thermal fax paper “We need not destroy the …

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MILIEUX visual identity


by Erik Adigard

MILIEUX is a new dynamic interdisciplinary research institute at Concordia University created for …

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Quantified Self Expo

by plynn

Quantified Self (QS) is an international collaboration of users and makers of self-tracking …

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Montpellier Metropole

by plynn

The Montpellier region is working on a large scale campaign to reposition itself …

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AirXY: From Immaterial To Rematerial

by plynn

Installation commissioned by the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale, Out There: Architecture Beyond Building. …

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Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

by plynn

The U.S. Pavilion exhibit, Spontaneous Interventions, (winner of a 13th Venice Architecture Biennale …

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Simage Porticus

by plynn

Simage Porticus / Erik Adigard w/ Jesse Jones, composer / American Academy in Rome …

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Performactions exhibit


by Erik Adigard

An exhibit for LABORAL, Gijon, Spain Exhibit design for seven art-science interventions: identity, …

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by Erik Adigard

A media installation for the Cinque Mostre exhibit, Rome, Italy / Erik Adigard w/  …

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Catalysts! Experimentadesign

by Erik Adigard

THE CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT exhibit: Catalysts! the cultural force of communication design (lead curator: …

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by plynn

Commissioned by Limn Gallery, San Francisco, O-station is a large scale multimedia installation …

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Road House

by plynn

AXIOMS 1- home is a reflection of society as the family is a …

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