PETALUMAGIC: What makes the magic?
Cities are made of physical and social constructs. Given a chance, they can turn into vibrant, creative, inclusive, and productive communities. With more imagination, they can even aim for utopia.

Co-creating in the community with the community: Petalumagic was designed to bring together artists and individuals of all ages and backgrounds to create a collaborative project that conveys the fantastic, idealistic and practical ideas, and fantasies and dreams that we have for our city. The eighteen panels were created over the course of a day and then combined to form a symbolic window, opening into an imagined city with its neighborhoods, makers and dreamers.

Cities may attain beauty through dazzling works of art but it is when they can bring us together that ultimate transformations can be achieved.


• 18 transparent panels were laid flat on tables
• panels were pre-taped to define drawing areas
• color markers were supplied
• previous drawing skills were not required
• 11 panels each had a letter from PETALUMAGIC
• themes for each letter were listed nearby
• 7 panels had no letters or themes

Get the Catalogue – free PDF available upon request

Petalumagic will remain on display in the window of the Della Fattoria Event Space until Feb 13, 2018. It then will be in the Power of Ten: Scaling Up exhibit at the Petaluma Arts Center

Created by Patricia McShane + Erik Adigard, M-A-D, with Amy Critchett
Awarded a Creative Sonoma Pop Up Grant
Additional sponsor: Della Fattoria Event Space

Project website: petalumagic

»StreeTALK (an event at IFTF and intervention in Palo Alto)
»Dinner Conversation (an installation/intervention in Rome)