Catalysts! Experimentadesign

Catalysts! Experimentadesign

THE CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT exhibit: Catalysts! the cultural force of communication design (lead curator: Max Bruinsma)
For Experimentadesign2005: the Lisbon Biennale

INSPIRATION: “mobilism” is the shared impetus of people, communication tools, and ideas.
•• Mobilism is media of the masses—the totality of graffiti, demonstration signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, blogs and digital files disseminated through the internet and mobile phones.
•• Mobilism repositions personal opinions as a new universal currency: a million signals in accord or in conflict that can quickly become a media tidal wave. Most notably, it reconfigures usage of languages, communication techniques, and design into a new pervasive culture.

INSTALLATION: 100 designers from five continents were invited to send graphical expressions of their views on the state of the world. The 400+ designs were produced as ceramic tiles or flyers. A printer, high on the wall, continually spits out selected flyers that litter the exhibit floor—they can be taken away by visitors.

The tiles wall is a collaborative installation with 79 designers from four continents

The flyers wall is a collaborative installation with 74 designers from 5 continents

A visual essay for ExperimentaDesign by Erik Adigard, M-A-DVisual essay.