by Erik Adigard

BRAND DEVELOPMENT Reishi is known as “mushroom of Immortality,” it is probably the …

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Logos conceived by Erik Adigard des Gautries, and Patricia McShane from M-A-D, madxs


by Erik Adigard

The logo follows all functions. If a good design system is the foundation …

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by plynn

CODEXO, naming and visual identity At the intersection of RegTech, LegalTech and Blockchain technologies, …

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MILIEUX visual identity


by Erik Adigard

MILIEUX is a new dynamic interdisciplinary research institute at Concordia University created for …

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by plynn

The identity for gallery includes naming, logotype, icon, and custom font. Our …

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Quantified Self Expo

by plynn

Quantified Self (QS) is an international collaboration of users and makers of self-tracking …

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by plynn

Syncano is a scalable backend that allows developers to build mobile and web apps with …

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Montpellier Metropole

by plynn

The Montpellier region is working on a large scale campaign to reposition itself …

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by plynn

Veebeam is an easy to use device that wirelessly streams anything from your …

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COMPAQ brand redesign

by Erik Adigard

A brand audit and repositioning strategy geared towards high school, college and 1st …

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