CODEXO, naming and visual identity

At the intersection of RegTech, LegalTech and Blockchain technologies, CODEXO is the launching term of a startup that helps companies turn their contracts into smart actionable data while preserving their existing legal and compliance framework.

In today’s rapidly changing economies, a brand is not to be a fixed discreet entity. It needs to be a responsive and dynamic communication concept. As such, our design approach was to conceive a brand that can maintain its own momemtum through many foreseeable changes. The initial visual identity is therefore one building block in a larger positioning.

The name and its design aim to express the digital, elemental, scalable and structured nature of the company. The pixels/blocks symbolize documents as well as building blocks. Our intent is also to address contextual notions such as the meaning of “smart”, the significance of referring to “codex”, the reference to coding, and the “o” (or zero) extension.

Project Poster

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