Livewired, was a multi-project initiative by Wired Digital’s design director, Erik Adigard, and executive producer, Gary Wolf. Other projects included Wired News, HotBot, NewsBot, WiredFeed, the WiredDesktop and Timelocator (commissioned by SFMOMA). Livewired was included in exhibits at SFMOMA and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

Livewired was a web publishing experiment intended as a multimedia expression of Wired magazine’s visual essays—many of which were designed by Erik Adigard and M-A-D. As such, it appeared as web-enabled full screen with animated streaming content that included:

• News (world, culture, technology & politics)
• Factoids & big data
• Historical events
• Forecasts
• Faces
(thought leaders and influencers)
• Media innovations

A main conceptual component of LiveWired, along with its bi-weekly forecasts, was the image-oriented publishing of significant events. The interface linked the main screen animations to full stories and to related information.

Design Director: Erik Adigard
Executive Producer: Gary Wolf
Producer: Paul Boutin
Managing Editor: Laura Moorhead
Web Engineers: TaylorCraig Schwartz
Photo Editor: Marla AufmuthMeri Brin
Senior Writer: Jeffrey Davis
Senior Editor/Writer: Jennifer Eno
Research Editor: Trent Garcia
WiredDigital Directors: Louis Rossetto & Barbara Kuhr

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