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AGI ~ special projects / posters
AGI ~ special projects / posters

AGI ~ special projects / posters


AGI Congress 2016, Seoul / Special Project: “I Love Seoul”
Seoul, known at “the soul of Asia” is at the confluence of many historical, geopolitical and cultural forces. Under extraordinary pressures, Koreans have demonstrated unique grace and creativity to conceive a peaceful and open society.
AGI Congress 2016 poster exhibit

AGI Congress 2015, Biel / Special Project: “coexistence”
By June, 130,000 refugees and migrants have entered EU • 3,000+ have perished in the attempt—1,350 over the last 10 days of that period.
Human migration toward Europe has become a concern of historic proportions, massively shaking down the foundations of socio-political ethics.
Adrift in a Sea of Information (referring to The Raft of The Medusa) by Véronique Vienne
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