Vinocchio / package

by plynn

Bottle-top/candle-holder. Repurposes bottle and illuminates friendship. “Life after a good bottle.” Vinocchio, is …

March 6, 2015 Read More

TCHO Package design

TCHO Love Series / package

by Erik Adigard

A series of package designs created for the chocolate company TCHO. These boxes …

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Nari Ward’s Canned Smiles / package

by plynn

Referencing Piero Manzoni’s “Artist Shit” project, Nari Ward enclosed his daughter, son and …

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TCHO: America’s Cup

by plynn

Chocolate box design commissioned by TCHO as part of the 2011 America’s Cup …

January 25, 2012 Read More

XY Watch

by plynn

Organizes hours, minutes and seconds on XY axis on a 24 hour cycle. …

March 2, 2000 Read More