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poster: AIGA SF, InsideOut exhibit 
can labels Nari Ward’s Canned Smiles 
SpontaneousInterventions Venice ’12
NExTWORK Juniper + Wired 
Getting Upper print Pasadena Museum
packaging art Tcho 
rebrand Compaq 
Aspen Conference IDCA 
brand system IBM software 
chain reaction étapes magazine 
city bike Blad magazine 
collaboration QuickPlace 
databases DB2 
election poster Democracy 
documentary Webdreamer 
dorito principle St Etienne Biennale 
eCommerce SwankVintage 
ecosophy chart TED 
ExperimentaDesign/Lisbon Biennale 
Information Architecture Summit 
future of media Cooper-Hewitt 
fuelicide poster AIGA 
genome product concept NY Times magazine 
future of graphic design étapes magazine 
grid computing IBM grid 
group mobile messaging PartySync 
hyperbolic tree Inxight 
icon genetics poster AIGA 
immersive media Villette Numérique 
500 centuries of innovations Timescroll 
instant answers Muchobene 
knowledge management Lotus software
editorial visual essays Wired 
mobile media arts The 4th Screen Festival 
personalized news iCurrent 
government of sports poster Olympics
revolutionary information Wired magazine 
road signs MyFonts 
Second Life Pearson International Airport 
push media LiveWired 
architecture must burn Thames & Hudson 
synesthesia website PaintedMusic 
screen icons ThinkPad/TVT 
traffic optimization Enquisite 
tsunami MyFonts 
countdown to the century funnel 
webtv StoryToday