Via Crucis, Planifications

Via Crucis, Planifications

Via Crucis, Planifications explores contemporary existential themes staged across seminal man-made environments including a shopping mall, refinery, freeway interchange, etc., evoking the symbols within which we exist, along with other forms of life.

As part of the Via Crucis series, this meta-theological exploration considers how our existence unfolds in a dramatic narrative intertwining humans with their deeds, beliefs, curses, and transformations in a world that is progressively expanding from the physical to the artificial. In that sense Planifications is a portrait of contemporary humanity as framed by the very machines it has invented, today turning into a singular machine sometimes perceived as a “divine self-creation”.

 Planifications is series of site plans and maps that are typically created by architects, urbanists, engineers, or software. Embedded in these plans (seen from “above”) are critters, present as manifestations of the living. Thus, each composition juxtaposes macro and micro perspectives, schematic inventions, and organic lives. Similarly, the techniques employed combine drawing and generative AI imagery. 

Artificial super intelligence is a human creation whose control we are losing. Its omnipotence is pushing us “down” toward the animal realm. 

a Via Crucis image sequence by Erik Adigard, madxs» Via Crucis-Planifications, catalog / PDF

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