M-A-D : EVENTS ~ awards, publications, workshops, lectures, juries, etc
2013 medialibre.info : interview "Centre des Récollets" (our Summer residency for CCA) talking about the Center & local culture
2013 étapes magazine #221 : essay "Repenser Les Medias": commenting on the impact of new media on design (in French)
2013 The Basel School of Design : lecture "Cave To Cloud" exploring the modalities of today's"image"
2013 étapes magazine #211 : feature "L'Image En Suspens": discussing recent projects and changes in the world of design
2013 PRINT magazine : interview The Fifth Dimension with Steven Heller
2013 AnimationByDesign : workshop Our 2013 program will focus on exploring the city through its temporalities
2013 American Academy in Rome : installations Cinque Mostre will include Dinner Conversation & ScalaCupola
2012 Villa Aurelia : installation Nuova Consonanza including Facsimile: "we need not destroy the past—it is gone"
2012 American Academy in Rome : lecture "From Stones To Cloud: the entropy of image"
2012 The 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale : award SpontaneousInterventions/the U.S. Pavilion wins Special Mention
apr12 Rome Prize : award Adigard selected for a 2012-2013 design fellowship
sep11 AGI 2012 Special Project : print visual commentary on the uncertain future of bees, agriculture and pollination
sep11 Bits to Pieces : interview on the challenges of archiving design projects ~ a project by Karin van der Heiden
jul11 CCA Studies Abroad : workshop Biometric City (based in Centre des Recollets) explores urban patterns in Paris
jun11 CCA Summer Design Intensive : workshop combining daily news and street design interventions
may11 agIdeas + AGDA : lecture Melbourne & Sydney ~ emerging issues in 21st century design
may11 Pasadena Museum of California Art : exhibit Getting Upper (an alphabet exhibit) - the letter "O"
jul10 Graphisme En France 2010-2011 : inclusion various designs
mar10 Canadian Centre for Architecture : lecture/panel “Ephemeral City”
mar10 Concordia University, Montreal : lecture A shift of emphasis: from forms to systems
feb10 University of San Francisco : lecture The Temporality of Built Space
july09 Rhizome : interview of Erik Adigard By John Alderman - also in arte10.com
may09 Clone magazine : interview of Erik Adigard on the state of design in California
may09 Adbusters : inclusion of Fuelicide poster
mar09 NetDiver : jury, 10th anniversary
feb09 BAM/PFA : interview, AirXY at the Architecture Venice Biennale
feb09 World Architecture : interview by Therese Tierney, AirXY at the Architecture Venice Biennale
feb09 UC Berkeley, Center for New Media : lecture “Stone2Cloud: design, from immaterial to rematerial”
jan09 Autodesk : lecture “Tangle Of Affinities”
nov08 Academy of Art University : lecture “Designing Idealism”
oct08 Digicult : interview (in italian), AirXY at the Architecture Venice Biennale
sep08 designboom : feature on AirXY at the Architecture Venice Biennale
sep08 Venice Biennale : presentation & panel / moderated by Jefferey Kipnis
2008 The 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale : multimedia installation commissioned for the Corderia
jun08 Academy of Art University : jury for new media masters program
07-09 Museum voor Communicatie, NL : Eye Opener exhibit / includes 100s of designs from Catalysts!
oct08 Stewart Program for Modern Design in Montreal : aquisition / Fuelicide poster
07-08 Dualterm : installation running simultaneously in Second Life & Toronto's international airport
nov07 Surface magazine : feature on Dualterm and the cultural significance of 3D worlds
oct07 Tactile : book Die Gestalten Verlog features Life Vest
sep07 A Man With a Movie Camera : video / a collaborative recut of Vertov’s 1929 seminal film
jun07 Étapes magazine : 10 thoughts on the desktop visual/text essay w/John Alderman
jun07 Adobe Design Achievement Awards : Erik selected corporate advisory board member
nov06 Metropolis, Hand & Interface : chapter written by Erik for Jean-Benoit Levy's Handbook
sep06 Orange : MarCamp presentation on the visual vernacular of mobile media
may06 Pecha-Kucha : a speed lecture on the catalysts!/engage exhibit
may06 BoingBoing : features the ’06 IA Summit Exploding TV poster
jul06 The4thScreen : cellphone videos shown at Scanners: 2006 New York Video Festival
jun06 Spoken with Eyes: : ADAC exhibit with 4 M-A-D projects - Also in permanent collection
apr06 Tsunami ying-yang icon: in Milan’s Salone del Mobile Behind The Scene exhibit
dec05 Meggs' History of Graphic Design : publication includes three M-A-D projects
nov05 Designing for Small Screens: Mobile phones, PDAs,… : book features XYwatch
nov05 ExperimentaDesign, Lisbon Biennale : Catalysts!/Engage installations with 500 projects
oct05 Bay Area Furniture Art 2005 : Blue Room Gallery, with Erik's participation as co-curator
oct05 étapes:international : "From Photoshop To Google" essay by Erik
sep05 Catalysts! magazine : visual essay on the theme of mobilism by Erik
jun05 Cumulus, Lisbon : workshop by Erik Adigard & Max Bruinsma: City Bytes: The Urban Script
may05 étapes 119 : 1310-word essay on new design methodologies by Erik
apr05 401 Design Meditation : Wisdom Insights, and Intriguing Thoughts / essay by Erik
may05 Center for Architecture, NYC : “Value Meal: Design and (over)Eating” / exhibit / Dorito Project
may05 International Festival of Chaumont : presentation & panel on the evolution of tools and forms
nov04 St Etienne International Design Biennale : video & concept product for the Dorito Project
nov04 AIGA Grown In California : award / exhibit for Fuelicide poster
jun04 Loudpaper : text/visual essay by Erik Adigard+Chris Salter on Chronopolis: Inhabiting Time (PDF)
may'04 AIGA Design Competition : jury
apr04 TheLAB gallery : exhibit of the Dorito Clock
apr04 HOW International Design Competition : jury
mar04 Architecture and Design in America : with texts/visual essays from Architecture Must Burn
dec03 Graphis348 : feature article on M-A-D’s identity design for IBM software, by Ken Coupland
nov03 Étapes magazine : text/visual essay by Erik Adigard+Patricia McShane
nov03 Digital Colour for the Internet and Other Media : features Madscroll
sep03 Étapes magazine : visual essay by Erik
aug03 WADC : awards for Madscroll and Fuelicide sign
aug03 Seybold : presentation & panel on current issues of branding
may03 Designer & Designer: M.A.D. : monograph published by Pyramyd
apr03 Étapes 95 : cover
mar03 Graphic Design For The 21st Century : book published by Taschen
feb03 ID magazine : article on Chronopolis: Resetting the Clock, by Ken Coupland
2003 AIGA : award best 100 for Madscroll
2003 HOW : award Self-Promotion Annual, Outstanding Achievement
2003 SFMOMA : exhibit on “The Art of Design.” Wired spread + Wired stock certificate
dec02 Exploratorium, San Francisco : Teleopolis, multimedia installation: IconCity
sep02 Le Monde : Chronopolis at Villette Numerique
sep02 TF1 : Chronopolis at Villette Numerique, TV segment
sep02 Elektrophonie, France Culture : Chronopolis at Villette Numerique, radio interview
oct02 Muffathalle, Munich : Installation, Chronopolis, Goethe Forum
sep02 Parc de La Villette, Paris : Installation in the Grand Halle, Chronopolis
2002 Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal : acquisition poster: Design Digital: the Mouse, the House & the City
jul02 ID magazine : jury multimedia competition
2002 Rockefeller Foundation New Media Fellowship : nomination
feb02 Denver Art Museum "US Design 1975-2000" : exhibit includes M-A-D designs
feb02 Metropolis : article Screen Shots, Chronopolis by Ken Coupland
nov01 SF Art Institute : Digital Dialogues, lecture
oct01 Étapes:77 : San Francisco Design, feature by Vanina Pinter
oct01 TRANS>Launcher : collaborative thread on the implications of the digital architecture generation
aug01 The Education of an E-Designer / Steven Heller : Essay: Speculative Art or Experimental Business by Erik
jul01 American Center for Design : jury
mar01 SFMOMA : Art Sandwiched In* with Benjamin Weil, curator and David Ross, director
feb01 SFMOMA : SiteStreaming and lecture with Aaron Betsky, curator of architecture & design
jan01 Wired magazine : panel on good, bad & ugly design / moderated by Chee Pearlman
jan01 Sundance Film Festival : web video screening of Webdreamer
2001 Design A-Z : award
00-01 National Design Award : nomination
2001 SFMOMA : 010101: Art in Technological Times, web commission: Timelocator (view in EI)Urban Center Books
2001 Urban Center Books : panel with Aaron Betsky, Terence Riley, Michael Bell, Reed Kroloff
may00 Architecture Must Burn : published by Thames & Hudson / visual essays, with texts by Aaron Betsky
feb00 Impress, Korea : award / Web Design
feb00 Novum magazine, Germany : article Techno-look Goes Internet
feb00 ADOBE.com : feature on M-A-D
2000 Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, NY : exhibit Triennial, Design Culture Now (Wired spreads)
may99 UCON 99 : exhibit Macromedia Conference, Web Design Gallery
98-99 ResFest : Webdreamer video screenings in SF, LA, New York and London
1998 Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design : award
1998 SFMOMA : exhibit Funnel, (from permanent collection of Architecture & Design)
nov98 GenArt, SF : New Fangles, Webdreamer installation
jul98 AIGA, Denver : exhibitEYE-CONS Poster Exhibit, Dolly and ICONTROL
jan98 SFMOMA : exhibit LiveWired 1.0, acquisition
97-98 SFMOMA : exhibit Wired Magazine Exhibit. Curator: Aaron Betsky
sep97 Postmasters, NY : MacClassics, multimedia installation: ascent 3.0
1997 SFMOMA : exhibit Icons: Magnets of Meaning. Digital animation
1997 Limn Gallery, SF : Digital Art, The Next Generation, multimedia installation: O-Station
1996 Cooper-Hewitt, NY : Mixing Messages, Graphic Design in Contemporary Culture, Wired spreads
dec96 Dai Nippon Pavilion : exhibit & award Funnel
feb96 Postmasters, NY : DiGiT Totem
1994 Embarcadero Gallery, SF : IDSA Totem Exhibit: sculpture
sep93 AIGA, Miami : TV Broadcast: Post-Deluvian, video on gang/corporate cultures.
1993 Itoya Gallery, Japan : Exhibit
1991 Bunkamura, Tokyo : Exhibit
oct00 AIGA, San Francisco : InfoCity lecture
may00 Cooper-Hewitt, NY : Triennial/Reclaiming, lecture
may00 SFMOMA : SFMOMA Webby Prize Symposium, lecture
2000 WebWorks/n, Rockport Publishers : by Ken Coupland
oct99 Geilo, Norway : Technology & Inspiration, lecture
aug99 Page magazine, Germany : Web-Weiser,
jul99 PBS Annual Conference : New Media, New Designs, lecture
jun99 International Design Conference, Aspen : Design Digital, lectures
mar99 Typo99, Berlin : Images + Technology, lectures
mar99 Otis College Art & Design : Retrospective, lecture
jan99 ID magazine : judging multimedia competition
1998 Graphic World, Japan : Portfolio, M-A-D
jun98 ID magazine : Interactive Media Design Review, Gold Awards
jun98 Étapes , France : Total Media, Erik Adigard & Dominique Monrocq
jun98 Communication Arts : Technology: M-A-D, by Julie Prendiville Roux
1998 Critique : A Wider Window on the Web, by Ken Coupland
1998 Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design
1998 HOW : Self-Promotion Annual, Outstanding Achievement
1998 ACD Web100 : Winner of Interactive Media competition
1998 ID : Interactive Media Design Review, Gold Award
1998 Publish : Annual Design Award, 1st Place
may98 Publish : 10th Annual Design Awards, 1st Place,
apr98 HOW : International Design Annual, Microsoft College Recruitment Campaign
sep98 Étapes, France : Fuse Conference Review, Adigard & McShane
dec97 Graphis Books : Web Design Now, by Ken Coupland
mar97 ID : Good Vibrations
feb96 Mind Grenades : spreads by M-A-D from 12 issues of Wired, published by HardWired
jun96 Page, Germany : Design mit Durchschlagkraft (Design with penetrating power)
apr96 Blad, Netherlands : M-A-D
feb96 Graphis : Idiosyncratic Vision, by Ken Coupland,
1996 Dai Nippon Pavilion, Japan : $10,000 cash award
dec95 SF Examiner Magazine : Online Design, M-A-D.com & funnel.com
1995 Interlink, Japan : Illustrators in America
1995 Peachpit Press : The Illustrator Wow! Book, by Sharon Steuer
1995 MA&D 14, Sweden : M-A-D
dec95 AIGA Journal v12 #4 : Absolut Individuals, by Moira Cullen
1994 SuperDesigning#4, Japan : M-A-D
nov94 BAT, France : M-A-D
jul94 AIGA, Park City, Utah : Digital Imagery, lectures
jan94 MdN, Japan : M-A-D
jan93 Gilbert Paper : judging
jul93 Applied Arts : Artists on the Edge, by Ken Coupland
1992 Rockport Publishers : Computer Graphics
dec92 Industrieel Ontwerpen, Netherlands : Multimedia Markant Maken
aug92 Novum, Germany : M-A-D, by Heribert Zahn
mar92 Macworld Conference : Digital Imagery lecture
1991 CCA, Oakland : Retrospective
jul91 How : Computer Graphics, by Larry Payne
sep90 Desktop Publishing : Designers on Design, by Patricia McShane
  Other awards include STA100, SanFranciscoShow, CA, Print, AppliedArts
©2013, M-A-D : Erik Adigard + Patricia McShane